Workers Compensation

There have been many comprehensive workers compensation studies which show that chiropractic treatment is superior to medical care when treating back injuries. The out of work time is substantially reduced, as well as the cost to treat the injuries.

In 1988, the Utah workers' compensation board study found a tenfold savings for mean compensation costs in back-related injuries treated by chiropractors as compared with medical doctors ($68.38 vs. $668.39). The study group was limited to back injuries, with similar diagnostic codes. (Cost per Case Comparison of Back Injury Claims of Chiropractic versus medical Management for Conditions with Identical Diagnostic Codes. Jarvis KB, et al. Journal of Occupational Medicine - 1991;33:847-52.)

A similar study done in the state of Florida concluded that the total disability time was reduced by 50% when compared to medical treatment.

So why is chiropractic so successful? It is simple; because chiropractic assesses the total musculoskeletal system and seeks to restore it to its healthy state. Traditional medical treatment focuses on treating the symptoms, while chiropractic focuses on total wellness.

Many patients initially choose the traditional medical route for treatment, and then wind up with a chiropractor months down the road when those methods do not produce results. If you are newly injured, make an appointment to be assessed by a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can dramatically reduce your down time and get you back to work quickly. Most importantly, chiropractic treatment will treat the source of your problem and restore your body to its natural healthy state. Chiropractic accomplishes these goals without addictive pain pills and risky surgery. Traditional medicine cannot make that claim. If you have been injured at work, have a chiropractic assessment. You will be glad that you did.

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Workers Compensation

There have been many comprehensive workers compensation studies which show that chiropractic treatment is superior to medical care when treating back injuries. read more


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