At Louisville Health Solutions, we do not guess about your health. Spinal x-rays may identify important findings such as spinal arthritis or other spinal disorders, which many people may not even be aware are developing. X-rays therefore act as a blueprint of your spine and will reveal any abnormal spinal alignment. X-rays allow us to see how an individual spine deviates from normal alignment so that we can decide on appropriate treatment.

We specifically adjust the spine for optimal spinal correction and better full body health. Without an x-ray we would only be guessing at what treatment you require. Please note however, that taking your x-ray may not be deemed necessary for the treatment you require. 

Spinal x-rays have a low dose of radiation exposure compared to other diagnostic tools. Radiation dose is measured in a unit called millisievert. In the United States, we are exposed to about 3mSv per year naturally. Spinal bone x-rays expose a patient to 1.5 mSv as compared to a CT scan of the spine which exposes a patient to 6mSv ( http://www.radiologyinfo.org/ ). At Louisville Health Solutions, we take precautions to make sure our patients have as little exposure as possible.

We strive for the best possible care overall for every patient that walks into our office! On-site X-ray is available. Current X-rays from another doctor may be used if they are less than a year old. If you have any questions about x-rays and their safety in clinical use, feel free to contact our office and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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X-rays are an important diagnostic tool because they allow us to see a visual of your spinal condition and ensure you are provided with the proper treatment. read more
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